This commercial is amazing.

I work at an Under Armour store and we got to see this commercial way before they showed it on TV and everyone was speechless except one dude. He was all like “What the hell? Why the fuck would they make a ballet commercial? It’s not a sport.” My boss was quick to jump down his throat and said “Alright then get your ass on the floor and work on you tippy toes for the rest of your shift. If I fucking see you off them you will be the first of the temps to get cut!” He was on his tippy toes for the last hour and a half of his shift lol 



SPREAD IT AROUND! John Cunniffe TCRG & ADCRG challenges every school that runs a feis to have a donation bucket for ASLA. There’s so many people in the world suffering from this terrible disease. The irish dance community isn’t as small as it seems. Together we can make a difference.

(this is also payback for all of the burpees and push ups he’s been making us do recently)